St. Matthews Parish – Conshohocken, PA


World Meeting of Families (10 Themes)

Love Is Our Mission

1. Created for Joy
We are more than an accident of evolution. We are greater than the sum of our biology. God exists. He is good. He loves us. He made us in his image to share in his joy. He takes an active hand in our lives. He sends his only Son to restore our dignity and lead us home to him.
2. The Mission of Love
God works through us. We have a mission. We are in the world for a purpose – to receive God’s love and to show God’s love to others. God seeks to heal a broken universe.

Of Special Interest at St. Matthew’s

There will be a First Penance Workshop/Retreat Saturday March 21st at 9:30 in St. Matthews Church.

ATTENTION PARENTS: The following are the dates for receiving the Sacraments in 2015:
FIRST PENANCE: Monday, March 23, 2015 @ 7PM
FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: April 25, 2015 @11AM

First Reconciliation, First Eucharist Parents:
If you were unable to be present for the Sacrament Meeting please call/stop in the rectory for needed information.

Renew your registration for PREP/CCD for next year! It is time to begin to form the classes for next year. If you are already registered simply fill out a renewal form to save your place for next year. Renewal forms are being sent home with the children currently enrolled in the PREP/CCD program. They are also available in the vestibules of the church or the rectory. If your son or daughter will be beginning First Grade in 2015, go online to St. Matthew’s website and click on the link to register and mail in your payment. Tuition fees will not change from last year and they may be electronically submitted. Classes are conducted Monday evenings from 6:30-7:45pm September thru March. Any questions please call the rectory at 610 828-0424 ext 6.

Let us remember!
The celebration of the Eucharist is the summit of our identity as the People of God. We are transformed into the Body of Christ. Attendance at Sunday Mass is vital to the life of the community at St. Matthews. We must encourage a “sacramental culture”! Hope to see you there…Every Sunday!